Josephine Skriver breast implants: Hot Victoria’s Secret model Josephine Skriver has one of the most fabulous bodies in the fashion industry. In 2016, she was even named Victoria’s Secret Angel. But many fans noticed increase of volume inside her bra and wondered whether it’s just another push up bra trick or result of a boob job. We have some important evidence on this topic.

Josephine was never shy girl and posed often bra-less. That makes our investigation a lot of easier. In 2013, Skriver undressed for Lui magazine and one year later for Fat Man magazine and Allure Russia. Her chest looked just lovely with perfect firm shapes but nobody would suspect her of having breast implants back than. She had A cups. Nice but small. What a dramatic difference when compared with her nude beach photo-shoot from 2016! Now, Skriver has firm C cups.

Josephine Skriver breast implants Real or fake? Our verdict:

Although of perfect shape and size, we are not 100% sure Josephine’s breasts are natural or not. But we tend to think she has implants with 80% certainty
Josephine Skriver breast implants
Josephine Skriver breast implants

A lot of Victoria’s Secret models is suspected of having breasts implants and the reason why is simple. VS usually hires small-chested women and than photographs them in heavily padded push up bras that make their bust look two sizes bigger. That’s not the case with Josephine Skriver. We have a lot of photographic evidence where’s no interfering clothes.

Some of the most recent from VS itself since they decided lately to make more daring photo-shoots to sell their prestigious lingerie. Josephine is posing in sheer lace nightie on some pics and again we see her new large rack. We can’t rule out that she simply add some weight or started using hormonal birth control but boob job surgery looks so far as the most reasonable explanation.




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